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Class Descriptions



with Louisa

Louisa's approach to slow flow on a Tuesday morning is nourishing slow and gentle, absolutely perfect for beginners. This class will open you entire physical body, it is a vinyasa yoga but with a slow delivery, wonderful for those who love the flow between each pose, but are still quite new to vinyasa and want to take it nice and slow.


with Karina

Karina's classes are a combination of both vinyasa flow and yin yoga. Bringing both a masculine approach through vinyasa flow and a feminine approach through yin, Karina's class will bring a balance of energy to your physical body, your mind and your spirit.


with Karina 

Karina offers a simple, slow and nourishing flow each Monday morning.  This is one of our most enjoyable classes to those who are just beginning in yoga, to those who may have some physical restrictions, to those who may be pregnant. You will feel incredibly calm after this class with Karina.


with Melinda

Melinda's restore and sound classes each Monday night will bring awareness to all parts of your body and all layers including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic layers.  Allow your body to become still, silent and soft as you nourish your nervous system. Crystal sound bowls will be played during each restorative pose to allow for additional healing and relaxation.


with Louisa

Louisa offers this class each Friday morning and delivers a combination of poses to stretch hold for lengthy periods of time to release stubborn patterns of tension.  Yin yoga is a great way to unwind from the inside out, melting away the stresses of life, and is particularly beneficial to individuals with an over-active lifestyle. 


with Linda

Linda brings to her classes each Thursday morning a wealth of knowledge towards physical and mental health and yoga for physical ailments.  Linda's class see's a subtle meeting between the yoga of physical mastery (Hatha) and the yoga of spiritual awareness (Kundalini).  You will experience body strengthening and stretching, breath work (pranayama), mantra, restoration and meditation to allow for integration between mind, body and breath.


with Jana, Aroha & Bri

Our Flow & Meditate classes offer a slightly more strengthening approach.  Offered on Tuesday nights, Wednesday mornings & Sunday mornings by three of our vinyasa teachers Jana, Aroha & Bri.  Jana on a Tuesday nights will bring inner connection to self through pauses between poses.  Aroha on Wednesday mornings brings sound instruments with her.  Bri on Sunday mornings begin with a reference to the sutra she will guide you through on that day.  Flow is a short name for vinyasa yoga.  These classes will anchor your awareness and quiet your mind as your physical body strengthens and stretches.